Economic Rankings for Georgia in 2017

   On the path of liberal democratic development, Georgia shows remarkable improvement in international rankings, measuring 16th in the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business ranking out of 190 countries, 13th in the Economic Freedom Index, published by The Heritage Foundation and 59th out of 139 countries in the Global Competitiveness Index ranked by the Global Economic Forum. Even though significant improvements have been made on most of the indicators detailed analysis shows areas that still require additional reforms. For example The Heritage Foundation report reads that “with monetary stability and the overall soundness of fiscal health relatively well-maintained, Georgia has enjoyed macroeconomic resilience. Nonetheless, deeper and more rapid institutional reforms to enhance judicial independence and effectiveness remain critical to ensuring further dynamic and lasting economic development,” Areas such as Resolving Insolvency measured by the World Bank remains underdeveloped and requires additional attention from the Government.

The graph shows the progression of the mentioned rankings within the last 10 years and highlights the progress that the country has made every year.

Full rankings and reports could be accessed through the following links: