Membership in the AGBC


 Immediate Benefits for New Members

·       Complimentary corporate sponsor status for the AGBC annual conference, included in the first year's membership package;  

·       Regular updates on economic, business, and political developments in Georgia;

·       Invitations to various AGBC events, including annual conferences and closed round-table events with high-level dignitaries; 

·       Ability to promote your company by posting company profiles on the AGBC official website;

·       Opportunity to advertise your company/logo in AGBC’s promotional materials.


Expand Your Global Reach

With more than 20 years of professional experience, the AGBC provides an effective platform for companies to establish and increase their presence in Georgia and expand their global reach.

Membership will provide your company access to:

·       Government officials; 

·       An extensive network of entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors in Georgia and the US, with access to exclusive business           

        opportunities in a wide variety of sectors;

·       High-level networking events and conferences.


Connect at the Highest Levels

·       Participate in the development of policy recommendations for the US and Georgia aimed at increasing bilateral trade and improving

         the investment environment in Georgia;

·       Engage in consultations with officials from the executive and legislative branches of the governments of both countries.  


Increase Your Exposure

·       Enjoy the opportunity to co-host Council events and conferences;

·       Offer your company representatives to serve as speakers at AGBC annual conferences and other high-level events;

·       Exchange views with government officials and business leaders on regulatory, investment, and trade issues. 


Membership Fees

The AGBC offers several levels of membership. Our founding annual membership remains unchanged since our incorporation in 1998, at $8,500.


The next level, $4,500, is ideal for companies relatively smaller in size and those taking first steps in the Georgian market.


For new joiners, membership can be combined with corporate sponsorship status at the AGBC’s annual conference.




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