1st Annual Grow Georgia Competition

The AGBC is proud to announce the first annual Grow Georgia Competition. The Competition will seek to highlight promising entrepreneurs and start-ups in Georgia. The AGBC is working with incubators, universities, and investors to build a strong network of support to help the next generation of Georgian business leaders share ideas, access capital, and expand in Georgia, the region, and beyond.


First Place Winner: $5,000

Second Place Winner: $3,000

Third Place Winner: $2,000

Runners Up (2): $1,000 each


After filing the initial application (below), applicants will have to submit an executive summary of their plan (2 pages), along with pro-forma financials

(balance sheet, income statement, and forward cash flow). The best business plans will be chosen as selectees. Each 

of the selectees (five in total) will be highlighted at the annual conference and given the opportunity to present  at 

AGBC annual conference. At the end of the conference the winners will be ranked and chosen. Winners will be 

presented with awards and cash prizes, and follow up counseling from a newly established AGBC Angel Advisory 

Board, and the opportunity to travel to the United States within 12 months. 

The selectees will be asked to upload due diligence documents into a private portal on the Business Council Website 

where investors, subject to NDAs, can assess their companies and consider further investment. Selectees will, with 

their approval, have their business promoted in the US with angel networks in several States and will have a chance 

to come to the US the following year, conditional of meeting certain benchmarks, to meet with advisors, potential 

investors, and incubators and accelerators.


Congratulations to those who've made it to the second round. These applicants have an opportunity to submit their business plan and financials for the review of the judges. 

Archil Kakhidze

Irine Usubiani

Giorgi Tabidze

Giorgi Sikharulidze

Boris Kiknadze

Levan Mazanashvili

Teimuraz Baratashvili

Nino Chachia

Gigi Tevzadze

Natalia Brekashvili

Mirian Mamulashvili

Roman Gujabidze

Nino Kheidze

Beka Kvartskhava

Giorgi Chilaia

Tornike Todria

Grigoli Paghava

David Chelidze

Anano Salia

Nodari Gabrichidze

Natia Sherozia

Zurabi Kalmakhelidze

Ana Baiadze

Nika Gugeshashvili

Nika Lomidze

For questions email: americageorgiabusiness@gmail.com