Geography, History, Economics and Politics of Wine in Georgia and Beyond

Please join us in celebrating 8000 years of living wine culture in Georgia, where the origins of wine evolved into the unique diversity and elegance of modern-day winemaking


Center for Strategic & International Studies


November 13th 

 9 AM-4 PM


The Proceedings of the National Academy of Science article from November 13, 2017 provided comprehensive archeological evidence of the origin of grape wine and viniculture from Georgia in South Caucasus, from ca. 6,000 BC. Our conference aims to demonstrate an evolution of cultural winemaking in geographic, political and economic context of Georgia, the Caucasus and the Middle East. Our speakers, including the authors of the mentioned article, will present integrated, multidisciplinary knowledge on historic, economic (employment, tourism, food and hospitality business) and political aspects of wine culture, connecting past civilizations to modernity, and wine culture to business of wine.